Reference To Our Nations Presidents

Whether you support the Republicans or the Democrats you are probably still interested in our nations presidents and all the history that comes along with them.

While the Democrats helped form our country, Republicans have had their fair share of presidential candidates as well. Our history has had some notable presidents that we either admire or absolutely could not stand.

Even if you are a Republican or a Democrat supporter, you wouldn’t mind supporting whoever is in office as long as they are doing a great job.

While Democrats and Republicans have had the majority of presidents in office, there has also been other parties to represent our country such as the Whig Party. Presidents have long be associated with power and leadership of the free world.


  • The first five presidents are considered the founding fathers of our country. This group consists of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe. Mostly Democrats, this group of men collectively signed the Constitution of the United States. Not to say that there wasn’t any Republicans present, but that the group known as the GOP was not formed yet.
  • Abraham Lincoln was the next notable President of the United States. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to represent the Republicans. This election of course led to the Civil War which eventually freed the slaves. Democrats and many people in the south did not like Abraham Lincoln because of his opposition to slavery. Republicans were unpopular in the south for over a century.
  • Ulysses S. Grant was elected to the presidency after Andrew Jackson was impeached. Republicans loved Grant because he was one of our greatest Generals and was considered the hero of the Civil War. Democrats were left out of the presidency till 1885 when Grover Cleveland was elected, and is the only president to serve two non consecutive terms.
  • There have been a few Presidents that have been assassinated, and two others that were shot but survived. James Garfield and William McKinley, two noted Republicans were slain. John F. Kennedy, a very popular president for the Democrats was the last president to be assassinated. Teddy Roosevelt for the Democrats and Ronald Reagan, a former actor and very popular with the Republicans were shot but survived.
  • Democrats have longed had presidents in office, but Republicans quickly gained steam when the party was formed. Both parties continue to supply candidates.


While this isn’t the complete list of presidents, these are some of the more notable ones in our country.

Some of these presidents have had their presidencies defined by heroic and tragic events.

There haven been 15 presidents representing the Democrats and 17 presidents representing the Republicans.

Considering the Democrats have been around longer, it is quite impressive that the Republican party has caught up and surpassed them. As we move forward, we will continue to have more wars and there will certainly be more events that define our presidents.…

Deciding if You are a Democrat

There comes a time when you want to be affiliated with a political party. Determining witch one is easy as understanding the issues that come along with the party.

The Democratic party is one of two major political parties in the United States today. The Democrats have a long history of presidential candidates and elected officials.

Between the Republican and Democratic party, there are a lot if issues they do not agree on. They both do agree that the well being of the United States is first and foremost the most important issue.


The Democratic party is currently in the White House right now when President Barrack Obama was elected in November of 2008. Before the Democratic party, the Republicans served two terms from 2000-2008 when the Bush administration presided over the United States.

The Democrats can trace there origin to Thomas Jefferson who backed states’ rights, something that the Democratic party is against today. This is just one example that Democrats have changed their minds on many issues, as well as the Republican party.


  • Democrats typically favor higher taxes and higher spending on different government programs.
  • The Democratic party is for tighter gun laws, they have been pushing for this gun legislation for quite some time now.
  • Abortion is always a hotly debated topic, and the same goes for the Democrats and the Republicans. Republicans have generally been against abortion, whereas the Democratic party have strongly supported a woman’s right to choose.
  • Medicare is another topic that gets considerable attention in our country. This issue is always a topic whenever there is a presidential debate or when the President addresses the nation. Democrats agree that there should be affordable health care, that is of high quality. High quality health care is directly linked with higher taxes which Democrats also support.
  • If the environment is your passion and you feel that it should be protected, then the Democratic way be for you. Democrats have continually expressed concern in protecting the environment. Noted Democratic supporter, Al Gore been trying to push awareness for global warming and other environmental issues that surround us today.
  • Democrats tend to supports a higher minimum wage so that our citizens can earn a better way of life.

As with any political party, choosing which one to support comes with many pros and cons.


Democrats have had a history of influence in diverse cultures and minorities. Involving yourself with the Democratic party might be the way to go if you agree with most of their issues listed above.

Determining your affiliation should be very important to you. Many people feel that the Democratic policies and issues are fair and balanced.

So if you have yet to make a decision on which political party you support now is the time to read up on more issues and get involved.

The presidential may have come and gone, but by the time 2012 rolls around you will be well versed in the Democratic party and their views.…

Fundamentals of being a Republican

The Republican party is one of two major political parties in the United States today. It is often referred to as the GOP or Grand Old Party, even though the Democratic party is older.

Founded in 1854, the Republican party is considered one of the powerhouses in U.S. history. Roughly 34 percent or 55 million registered American voters today identify themselves as Republican.

Between the two major parties, there have been 18 Republican presidents to 15 Democrats.


There are varying differences between the major American parties. Political views have always been a hot topic in our culture ever since the revolutionary war.

All the major parties agree that the well being of our country is first and foremost the most important issue, but how each party goes about implementing and protecting our rights can be quite different.

The Republican party has been traditionally weak when it comes to getting the minority vote. Self identified Republicans tend to have a higher education and thus earn more money than a lot of Democratic voters.

Personnel in the military have been largely identified as about two-thirds or 66% Republican. Geographically speaking, the Republican “base” is at is strongest in the South, Midwest, and Mountain west, while being it’s weakest among urban cities among the Northeast.

Republican voters have conservative views on many issues, this could be due to the fact that they are traditionally represented by older citizens. A good indicator of this would be in 2006 when the GOP won only 38% of voters aged 18-29. Men are the dominate force among Republican parties when compared to Democrats.

Now that we have some of the Republican base statistics cleared up, it’s time to discuss the issues that the GOP party believes in.


One of the main political views would be strong national defense. It is known that Republicans spend a lot on military and defensive measures. Democratization of middle eastern countries that are ruled by a dictatorship is one issue that is obviously something the party believes in.

President Bush made this clear when the war on terrorism was started after 9-11. While this is not a new issue, it is certainly one of the major story lines concerning international politics, and one that is being closely monitored now that we are in a Democratic administration with President Barrack Bema.

The environment has been a huge debate among the Democratic and Republican parties. Global warming is a topic that Al Gore, a noted democrat, has been trying to gain awareness for.

The Republican and Democratic parties have many differences, many of which I didn’t scratch the surface. The GOP is still a major driving force in American politics today and they continue to have influence among many citizens.