How To Plan Your Outdoor Adventure With Backpack


Ever wondered about going on a solo outdoor adventure or with a group? I believe you must have thought about it. But something is holding you behind right?

I know what that is, you don’t have a plan for it. Don’t worry I’m going to tell you today about to how to have a safe, secure and adventurous backpacking trips.

The first that you would want to do is determine the goals of the trip whether it is a solo trip or with someone. This helps to keep on your track so that you don’t miss anything. When in a group it makes sure that everybody is on the same page.

If you are planning your first adventure trip then it is better to do it in a group or with someone who is experienced in trips like these. Always try to choose an easy trip for your first adventure. It will help you build your confidence.


Trip planning should always start with Research


Doing research will help you gather information about all the great locations available where you can head for an adventurous trip. You can do this by searching online and there are various backpacking books available in the market to help the beginners. Make sure to check everything about the area you are going to visit as some areas have different restrictions. So it is better to check everything before.


Plan the route of the trip by learning the map of the area. These days GPS is there to help you but if you want a complete raw feeling then opt for a two-dimensional map or a topographical map.


Beginner backpackers should plan to cover shorter miles in the initial days as it will help them to gain more experience and will boost their confidence to cover more ground in the later days. It will also plan your daily mileage accordingly. Exploring new terrains while hiking less can be very rewarding, this way you can enjoy without getting too much tired. Make sure to choose daily mileage target whether traveling alone or in a group.

Carry Light pack

When carrying a light pack you will probably less rest breaks and you will cover more. There is no wrong way to bagpack so choose whatever style suits you the best.


Play your route in advance and decide where you would like to camp each night according to everyone’s flexibility. Sometimes this doesn’t go according to plan but it can be fun camping at a place which you like the most. You can also setup a base camp and do short trips to the areas nearby. This method is also good but it is up to you which method will make you more comfortable.


Sources of Water

It is very important to mark in advance the areas where you can find a source of clean water. If you are traveling in water scarce area it is better to keep more liters of water in your bag so that you don’t get thirsty.


Make sure you all the required gear in advance. Always test your gear before leaving for your trip. This is the best measure as you don’t want anything to go wrong with your gear in between the trip. If you have some hiker friends then try to borough their gear for your first trip. After the trip you will have an idea what gear is more important for you and you will avoid spending more money on the unnecessary gear. If you are planning to carry a handgun with yourself then keep it in a best biometric gun safe for handgun. You can read more about guns here.

Prepare a list

Always prepare a list in which you mark the items that are essential for the trip. This will help you pack the bag in a more efficient way.

So here are all the things that you need to check before backpacking on a trip. Best of Luck!…