Hollowware Piece: Enhancing the Beauty of Your Dining


Showy dining table decorations have always been the mark of an aristocratic lifestyle. In this connection, the holloware comes into discussion. Both from the viewpoint of effectiveness and gorgeous lifestyle these cutlery stand on top of everything.


As opposed to flatware, hollowware or holloware portrays different kinds of tableware that encompasses candlesticks and candelabra to teapots, cream jugs, teapot, sugar bowls, kettles, coffee pots, serving dishes, napkin rings, creamer, pitcher etc. One general rule is that it has to be made of metal. Any metal made tableware that holds something rather than being flat like knives or plates. According to the Seasonal review about modern flatware it is really hard find modern hollowware which goes with them.

The Whens and Wheres

A few general traditions that are followed worldwide can be mentioned – these are mere guidelines though.

  • Gold/Silver cake knives & servers

Be sure to keep these in your wedding rental package to make the most memorable event of life take up a notch in those photos.

  • Gold/Silver Nut Dishes

Suitable for bar areas.

  • Gold/Silver Champagne Coolers

These ornate metal coolers will keep your champagne chill with style.

  • Silver Toasting Goblets

For a long-lasting impression of your toast in important events

  • Round & Full Silver Chafing Dishes

The name says it all. These excel in both function and panache looks.

  • Silver Coffee Urn

Alongside keeping your coffee piping hot these urns are opulent.

Hollowware Types

Here’s some different types of holloware piece you can use to enhance the beauty of your dining.

Tea Pots

Teapots are often teamed with sugar bowl, creamer, coffee pot, creamer and serving tray. The pieces in this set are coupled through the same design pattern. These days, it’s pretty common to mix up different designed pieces.


A kettle’s primary function is to hold warm water. The kettle usually comes in with the Tea Pot set.

Gravy Boat

Serves up gravies and sauce. Optional non-detached underplate.

Loving Cup

A pour-able drinking holding jar. Has two handles on both sides. These days the pieces are used as trophies and collectibles.


Candelabras can hold multiple candles at once in its sockets. This is a must for any event.

Water Goblets

Chalices that are greater than wine goblets. These are placed on the right side of the dinner plate.

Wine Goblets

Goes as a pair with wine goblet, placed at the upper right of the dinner plate, closer to to the guest. It is used to serve white, red and spritzer wine.

Coffee Pot

Usually comes in 5 piece set that contains footed cups and saucer sets. These are used for serving both tea and coffee. The saucer and the cups are designed to fit with each other perfectly. The pedestal goes into the little shallow hole in the saucer.

Sugar Bowl 

These holds both the granulated sugar and sugar cubes.


They are as big as sugar bowl in size, and as the name suggests you serve cream.


Hollowware is tableware you can use to decorate your dinner parties or launches. They can light up your dining if can properly set them up.

How To Plan Your Outdoor Adventure With Backpack


Ever wondered about going on a solo outdoor adventure or with a group? I believe you must have thought about it. But something is holding you behind right?

I know what that is, you don’t have a plan for it. Don’t worry I’m going to tell you today about to how to have a safe, secure and adventurous backpacking trips.

The first that you would want to do is determine the goals of the trip whether it is a solo trip or with someone. This helps to keep on your track so that you don’t miss anything. When in a group it makes sure that everybody is on the same page.

If you are planning your first adventure trip then it is better to do it in a group or with someone who is experienced in trips like these. Always try to choose an easy trip for your first adventure. It will help you build your confidence.


Trip planning should always start with Research


Doing research will help you gather information about all the great locations available where you can head for an adventurous trip. You can do this by searching online and there are various backpacking books available in the market to help the beginners. Make sure to check everything about the area you are going to visit as some areas have different restrictions. So it is better to check everything before.


Plan the route of the trip by learning the map of the area. These days GPS is there to help you but if you want a complete raw feeling then opt for a two-dimensional map or a topographical map.


Beginner backpackers should plan to cover shorter miles in the initial days as it will help them to gain more experience and will boost their confidence to cover more ground in the later days. It will also plan your daily mileage accordingly. Exploring new terrains while hiking less can be very rewarding, this way you can enjoy without getting too much tired. Make sure to choose daily mileage target whether traveling alone or in a group.

Carry Light pack

When carrying a light pack you will probably less rest breaks and you will cover more. There is no wrong way to bagpack so choose whatever style suits you the best.


Play your route in advance and decide where you would like to camp each night according to everyone’s flexibility. Sometimes this doesn’t go according to plan but it can be fun camping at a place which you like the most. You can also setup a base camp and do short trips to the areas nearby. This method is also good but it is up to you which method will make you more comfortable.


Sources of Water

It is very important to mark in advance the areas where you can find a source of clean water. If you are traveling in water scarce area it is better to keep more liters of water in your bag so that you don’t get thirsty.


Make sure you all the required gear in advance. Always test your gear before leaving for your trip. This is the best measure as you don’t want anything to go wrong with your gear in between the trip. If you have some hiker friends then try to borough their gear for your first trip. After the trip you will have an idea what gear is more important for you and you will avoid spending more money on the unnecessary gear. If you are planning to carry a gun with yourself then make sure to use it responsibly by keeping it safely inside a best gun safe under 500  . You can read more about guns here.

Prepare a list

Always prepare a list in which you mark the items that are essential for the trip. This will help you pack the bag in a more efficient way.

So here are all the things that you need to check before backpacking on a trip. Best of Luck!…

Running For A Political Office

If you feel motivated to make a difference because you do not like the way things are being done, whether it be locally or nationally, then running for political office might be for you.


Political issues are ultimately up to the political leaders that we elect, and they usually have the final say. Your stance on various political issues might differ entirely from your local mayor, city counsel, or even governor.


These political officials were elected, and gained popularity by putting in the time and effort to gain awareness for there cause. The way some political issues are dealt with is up to the elected official.

Can you see yourself making the tough decisions that shape our community? Dealing with the various political issues can be hard and strenuous work and takes a strong individual. Citizens with strong political stances will not hesitate to let you know if you are not doing a good job.

  • Running for political office is a test of inner strength and can often break some people. Starting with your community and people you know is often the smartest way to get into politics. It takes years of hard work to make a difference. Volunteering at public places such as schools and libraries is a great way to get your name heard if you plan on make changes to various political issues.
  • Knowing your neighbors in your town will go a long way to helping you gain popularity. These are the people that will ultimately get you elected.
  • Knowing the political process is a huge part of running for any political office. Being popular is great, but will only get you so far.
  • Having a strong stance on political issues is a must. You need to have something that you believe in, and if you want to get into politics, chances are that you do.
  • Spreading what you believe in as far as political issues is concerned is key. You need to speak with many people and discuss the various political matters that are going on in your town or state.
  • Political issues are the main entity of running for office. This is your backbone and what many voters will refer to when asking questions, if you believe in something, make sure you don’t change your mind. People will notice if you go back and forth on different topics.
  • The political process is long and arduous. You need to have the stomach to deal with hundreds of people, raise money for your campaign and debate with other candidates.


Knowing where you stand on your towns political issues is something you should know even before you decide to run for political office. Do enough hard work and you will be rewarded with political office position.

Many of our well known leaders started at the bottom and worked their way up, which is the beauty of our political system we have today. The political issues of your town, state, or country is the key to success to becoming an elected official.…

Global Warming Controversy

Global warming over the last decade has become a raging topic, not just in the United States, but among the political groups around the world as well.

Just to give you a refresher, global warming is the rise of average temperature of earths oceans and the surface air.

The continued increase of global temperature has been causing the ice caps to melt thus raising the sea levels. The increase of extreme weather and species extinctions are also affected by global warming.

The political views on this issue have been a controversial topic for quite some time now. Noted Democrat, Al Gore has been actively trying to spread awareness.

Many political groups around the world have expressed interest and concern for global warming for quite some time now.


Ever since the Republican Bush administration started however, it seems like global warming has been dismissed as a threat among the Republican party. The Greens/Green Party USA is a political group that has been trying to spread awareness for global warming since it’s inception in 1984.

The political group has actively been trying to combat the political views of the Republican party since President Bush was elected in 2000.

When President Bush took over, key portions of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports were removed even though they cited many important points such as increased disease, post traumatic stress, increased violent weather and depression.

Even though these issues have been come to light, it seems as though the political views of the Bush administration have put added pressure on scientists doing the research. Political groups such as the green party, have reported numerous times that U.S. officials edit scientific reports from U.S. government scientists.

This is not the first time that political views have censored many important issues, but that fact that the U.S. government does this with global warming because the administration is skeptical is outrageous.


Political groups should not have to fight for something has threatening as global warming to be made aware, but unfortunately that is the case. The political views of the Bush administration have turned their back to something that is affecting world.

It has been documented that there is a concerted effort to convince Americans that global warming is natural and needs more research to be properly acted on.

Slowly but surely, we are coming around to idea that global warming is indeed a serious matter and that political groups have been speaking the truth.

In California, the California Global Warming Solutions Act was passed in August, 2006 to limit the states global emissions. World politics has always come into play, as Prime Minister Tony Blair has expressed interest to work with Gov.

Schwarzenegger independently of the federal government. As much as the political groups try to gain awareness, the political views of the government will always be an overriding factor. As a society we have to do what’s best for the world and try to our part.


The Riverdaughter Interview and Brad Explains the Trailer

This is my consolation-prize interview with Riverdaughter, after Darragh Murphy hilariously stiffed me.  You can even hear Kim (Riverdaughter) smirk as she acknowledges that Darragh’s departure was set before she agreed to the interview.  The interview for her film.

Somewhere in there are references to the fracas downstairs, when a bunch of PUMAs went apeshit and tried to throw me out of the house I had been invited to.

The second video features Kim’s hilarious meltdown, which I hope Brad puts in the film.  She’s trying to figure out how to mute Christina on my phone, and finally just decides it’s her new pet phone, and puts it down at her feet.

The last is Brad trying to take the rap for Darragh’s jokey retelling of a murder solicitation.  Don’t let him.  Unless you can think of a context that makes that OK.  And definitely not until you hear MamaPuma’s interview (coming sooon).Riverdaughter Interview


Reference To Our Nations Presidents

Whether you support the Republicans or the Democrats you are probably still interested in our nations presidents and all the history that comes along with them.

While the Democrats helped form our country, Republicans have had their fair share of presidential candidates as well. Our history has had some notable presidents that we either admire or absolutely could not stand.

Even if you are a Republican or a Democrat supporter, you wouldn’t mind supporting whoever is in office as long as they are doing a great job.

While Democrats and Republicans have had the majority of presidents in office, there has also been other parties to represent our country such as the Whig Party. Presidents have long be associated with power and leadership of the free world.


  • The first five presidents are considered the founding fathers of our country. This group consists of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe. Mostly Democrats, this group of men collectively signed the Constitution of the United States. Not to say that there wasn’t any Republicans present, but that the group known as the GOP was not formed yet.
  • Abraham Lincoln was the next notable President of the United States. Abraham Lincoln was the first president to represent the Republicans. This election of course led to the Civil War which eventually freed the slaves. Democrats and many people in the south did not like Abraham Lincoln because of his opposition to slavery. Republicans were unpopular in the south for over a century.
  • Ulysses S. Grant was elected to the presidency after Andrew Jackson was impeached. Republicans loved Grant because he was one of our greatest Generals and was considered the hero of the Civil War. Democrats were left out of the presidency till 1885 when Grover Cleveland was elected, and is the only president to serve two non consecutive terms.
  • There have been a few Presidents that have been assassinated, and two others that were shot but survived. James Garfield and William McKinley, two noted Republicans were slain. John F. Kennedy, a very popular president for the Democrats was the last president to be assassinated. Teddy Roosevelt for the Democrats and Ronald Reagan, a former actor and very popular with the Republicans were shot but survived.
  • Democrats have longed had presidents in office, but Republicans quickly gained steam when the party was formed. Both parties continue to supply candidates.


While this isn’t the complete list of presidents, these are some of the more notable ones in our country.

Some of these presidents have had their presidencies defined by heroic and tragic events.

There haven been 15 presidents representing the Democrats and 17 presidents representing the Republicans.

Considering the Democrats have been around longer, it is quite impressive that the Republican party has caught up and surpassed them. As we move forward, we will continue to have more wars and there will certainly be more events that define our presidents.…