In the doldrums – Cult of the COLB update

While the convention goes on and PUMA licks their wounds after the 1-2 punch the Clintons gave them, the Cult of the COLB has been quiet for the most part. Philip J. Berg’s lawsuit is really the only thing going on at this time. While “TexasDarlin’s” blog isn’t as dark as she claimed, nothing really new there either.

23 August – the ultra-right-wing “news” site “World Net Daily” has an article on the Berg lawsuit. They’re not kind.

“Philip J. Berg, a former member of Pennsylvania’s Democratic State Committee and former deputy attorney general of Pennsylvania, filed the lawsuit this week in U.S District Court, asking the court to declare Obama ineligible for the presidency and to prevent him from running for the position.However, a WND investigation has found that at least part of Berg’s lawsuit relies on discredited claims.”

You know you don’t have a case when even World Net Daily says the claims are “discredited”. Especially when WND is claiming that the COLB is legit:

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“A separate WND investigation into Obama’s birth certificate utilizing forgery experts also found the document to be authentic. The investigation also revealed methods used by some of the bloggers to determine the document was fake involved forgeries, in that a few bloggers added text and images to the certificate scan that weren’t originally there.”

Wonder, when they’ll claim WND, is “Pro-Obama”??

23 August – Philip J. Berg posts more info about his lawsuit. Including a “forensic analysis” of Sen. Obama’s COLB.

“Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. Why? Why a COLB (certificate of live birth) forgery? That is the question.My deepest thanks and appreciation our forensic analyst’s unwavering commitment to the truth despite the threats and harassment, the slashed tires and the dead animal on his porch.

The analyst is an active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, American College of Forensic Examiners, The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, International Information Systems Forensics Association – the list goes on. He also a board certified as a forensic computer examiner, a certificated legal investigator, and a licensed private investigator. He has been performing computer based forensic investigations since 1993 (although back then it did not even have a formal name yet) and he has performed countless investigations since then.”

Hmmm…….Doesn’t that last bit sound somewhat familiar??? Especially when it goes on to mention a supposed “dead mutilated rabbit”. The link to “Atlas Shrugs” only confirms the fact – Berg is actually using the long-since discredited “TechDude” as his “forensic analyst” !!!Pardon me, I have to pick myself off the floor from laughing hysterically.

24 August – “Israel Insider” continues their tradition of “no Obama smear too low” and posts an article claiming that FactCheck’s examination of the COLB was faked as well. The neocons at FreeRepublic eat it up.

27 August – The right-wing blog “America’s Right” seems to be the best place for Berg lawsuit updates. Though it’s interesting to note that unlike “TexasDarlin’s” uncritical acceptance of anything the Cult of the COLB threw up, Jeff Schreiber seems willing to be a bit more skeptical. He researched the perjury claim and decided it was “Personally, I believe the perjury claim to be poorly founded, hastily researched, and off-base”. Also:

“According to the District Court’s Web site, the U.S. Attorney’s Office has accepted service on behalf of the Federal Election Commission and, curiously enough, the Democratic National Committee as well.”

28 August – The Washington Times does an article about the lawsuit.

“Mr. Berg said he was contacted about filing the lawsuit by a member or associate of the group PUMA, which was formed to support Mrs. Clinton shortly after she withdrew from the race. Its mission includes denouncing the Democratic Party and Mr. Obama’s nomination.“I really do not believe he is a natural-born citizen,” said Mr. Berg, adding that he is not connected with Mrs. Clinton or her campaign.”

I really do not believe Mr. Berg’s case has a snowball’s chance in hell. Even possible allies are questioning a lot of it. I suspect Mr. Berg is doing it for the media exposure.

The funny thing about his case? It looks like he did a copy, cut and paste on the claims of “Judah Benjamin”, “TexasDarlin”, “TechDude”, and “Polarik”. He even cited Wikipedia entries.

Which means that the defense can subpoena those people to force them to prove their claims. Or even the person that “TechDude” was impersonating. The minute that happens, the game is over – because even if they did appear, (unlikely, since Berg may not even have their real names), they would then have to prove to the court’s satisfaction that they:

1) Are who they claim to be
2) Have the skills, training, and certification claimed as well.

In short, it’s strongly doubtful they could prove a single thing. Already the perjury claim has been chipped away by someone who is AGAINST Obama. Any more of the claims are disproven, (and they would be frightfully easy to disprove), and the entire case falls apart.

The burden of proof is on Mr. Berg, and he’s built a house of cards.