Hollowware Piece: Enhancing the Beauty of Your Dining


Showy dining table decorations have always been the mark of an aristocratic lifestyle. In this connection, the holloware comes into discussion. Both from the viewpoint of effectiveness and gorgeous lifestyle these cutlery stand on top of everything.


As opposed to flatware, hollowware or holloware portrays different kinds of tableware that encompasses candlesticks and candelabra to teapots, cream jugs, teapot, sugar bowls, kettles, coffee pots, serving dishes, napkin rings, creamer, pitcher etc. One general rule is that it has to be made of metal. Any metal made tableware that holds something rather than being flat like knives or plates. According to the Seasonal review about modern flatware it is really hard find modern hollowware which goes with them.

The Whens and Wheres

A few general traditions that are followed worldwide can be mentioned – these are mere guidelines though.

  • Gold/Silver cake knives & servers

Be sure to keep these in your wedding rental package to make the most memorable event of life take up a notch in those photos.

  • Gold/Silver Nut Dishes

Suitable for bar areas.

  • Gold/Silver Champagne Coolers

These ornate metal coolers will keep your champagne chill with style.

  • Silver Toasting Goblets

For a long-lasting impression of your toast in important events

  • Round & Full Silver Chafing Dishes

The name says it all. These excel in both function and panache looks.

  • Silver Coffee Urn

Alongside keeping your coffee piping hot these urns are opulent.

Hollowware Types

Here’s some different types of holloware piece you can use to enhance the beauty of your dining.

Tea Pots

Teapots are often teamed with sugar bowl, creamer, coffee pot, creamer and serving tray. The pieces in this set are coupled through the same design pattern. These days, it’s pretty common to mix up different designed pieces.


A kettle’s primary function is to hold warm water. The kettle usually comes in with the Tea Pot set.

Gravy Boat

Serves up gravies and sauce. Optional non-detached underplate.

Loving Cup

A pour-able drinking holding jar. Has two handles on both sides. These days the pieces are used as trophies and collectibles.


Candelabras can hold multiple candles at once in its sockets. This is a must for any event.

Water Goblets

Chalices that are greater than wine goblets. These are placed on the right side of the dinner plate.

Wine Goblets

Goes as a pair with wine goblet, placed at the upper right of the dinner plate, closer to to the guest. It is used to serve white, red and spritzer wine.

Coffee Pot

Usually comes in 5 piece set that contains footed cups and saucer sets. These are used for serving both tea and coffee. The saucer and the cups are designed to fit with each other perfectly. The pedestal goes into the little shallow hole in the saucer.

Sugar Bowl 

These holds both the granulated sugar and sugar cubes.


They are as big as sugar bowl in size, and as the name suggests you serve cream.


Hollowware is tableware you can use to decorate your dinner parties or launches. They can light up your dining if can properly set them up.

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