Global Warming Controversy

Global warming over the last decade has become a raging topic, not just in the United States, but among the political groups around the world as well.

Just to give you a refresher, global warming is the rise of average temperature of earths oceans and the surface air.

The continued increase of global temperature has been causing the ice caps to melt thus raising the sea levels. The increase of extreme weather and species extinctions are also affected by global warming.

The political views on this issue have been a controversial topic for quite some time now. Noted Democrat, Al Gore has been actively trying to spread awareness.

Many political groups around the world have expressed interest and concern for global warming for quite some time now.


Ever since the Republican Bush administration started however, it seems like global warming has been dismissed as a threat among the Republican party. The Greens/Green Party USA is a political group that has been trying to spread awareness for global warming since it’s inception in 1984.

The political group has actively been trying to combat the political views of the Republican party since President Bush was elected in 2000.

When President Bush took over, key portions of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports were removed even though they cited many important points such as increased disease, post traumatic stress, increased violent weather and depression.

Even though these issues have been come to light, it seems as though the political views of the Bush administration have put added pressure on scientists doing the research. Political groups such as the green party, have reported numerous times that U.S. officials edit scientific reports from U.S. government scientists.

This is not the first time that political views have censored many important issues, but that fact that the U.S. government does this with global warming because the administration is skeptical is outrageous.


Political groups should not have to fight for something has threatening as global warming to be made aware, but unfortunately that is the case. The political views of the Bush administration have turned their back to something that is affecting world.

It has been documented that there is a concerted effort to convince Americans that global warming is natural and needs more research to be properly acted on.

Slowly but surely, we are coming around to idea that global warming is indeed a serious matter and that political groups have been speaking the truth.

In California, the California Global Warming Solutions Act was passed in August, 2006 to limit the states global emissions. World politics has always come into play, as Prime Minister Tony Blair has expressed interest to work with Gov.

Schwarzenegger independently of the federal government. As much as the political groups try to gain awareness, the political views of the government will always be an overriding factor. As a society we have to do what’s best for the world and try to our part.


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