The Riverdaughter Interview and Brad Explains the Trailer

This is my consolation-prize interview with Riverdaughter, after Darragh Murphy hilariously stiffed me.  You can even hear Kim (Riverdaughter) smirk as she acknowledges that Darragh’s departure was set before she agreed to the interview.  The interview for her film.

Somewhere in there are references to the fracas downstairs, when a bunch of PUMAs went apeshit and tried to throw me out of the house I had been invited to.

The second video features Kim’s hilarious meltdown, which I hope Brad puts in the film.  She’s trying to figure out how to mute Christina on my phone, and finally just decides it’s her new pet phone, and puts it down at her feet.

The last is Brad trying to take the rap for Darragh’s jokey retelling of a murder solicitation.  Don’t let him.  Unless you can think of a context that makes that OK.  And definitely not until you hear MamaPuma’s interview (coming sooon).Riverdaughter Interview


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