Idiots- Obama didn’t remove the Flag from his plane.

Hello again Democrats! It seems like there is a budding new rumor! “Obama removed the American Flag from his plane because he’s big narcissist and unAmerican!” Who is falling for this crap? Well, this douche Republican operative right here, Ray Snitchell, which is linked by Just Say No Deal. Hey JSND- I thought you were a coalition of life-long Dems??? Ahhh- Gotcha!

Hey Ray, what’s that? Yeah that– look, right there–


Do you know what that is by the registration numbers and fuselage? It’s an American Flag, idioto!

And who is Ray? He is the creator of “Chicago against Obama”..  He is a Democrat, I mean embarrassed Republican. Because according to Ray, “being a Republican isn’t cool,” (Ray should know). So he is one anyway! He’s bringing GOP sexiness back I guess.

Anyhow, all Presidential planes are decorated PUMA ray. Try harder.

Have you seen McCain’s plane? It has “McCAIN” emblazoned right across the side. Like so (thanks Patrick):


Oh my God! Where is McCain’s American FLAG!!! Why is his American flag missing!!!

Good lord you fools are gullible!

How can you deny McCain’s subtlety. Obviously Obama is the arrogant jerk with his plane:


The plane that doesn’t have a name written across the side in bold HUGE letters. YEAH- how narcissistic.

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